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Please 1st visit the CDC travel website regarding the places you will travel.

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We will address all potential travel needs including vaccines, preventative medications such as Malaria meds, GI medications, and general travel advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel medicine focuses on medical preparation for trips outside the United States. Other countries often have very different health concerns and issues than America, and travel medicine is preventive medicine to keep you safe wherever you plan to go.

To know which vaccinations you’ll need, you must put together a complete trip itinerary. Include a list of all areas to which you’re planning to travel, even if it’s just a cruise ship stop for a few hours.

The providers at Sanctuary Health Practices can review your trip itinerary to determine which vaccinations are routine, required, and recommended for travel in the areas where you’re going.

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Generally, vaccines for travel are split into three different groups: routine, required, and recommended.


Routine vaccines are those that the CDC recommends for virtually everyone in the United States. These include all the standard childhood vaccines, adult vaccines like Tdap boosters every 10 years, and influenza vaccines for all ages.


Required vaccines are those required to enter a country. Depending on the country, required vaccines may include those that most Americans don’t get routinely. These can include yellow fever vaccines for Africa and South Africa, typhoid vaccines for India and Pakistan, and other specific vaccines that vary by area.

Recommended vaccines

Recommended vaccines vary by country. For example, typhoid vaccines might not be required for certain countries. But it’s often recommended because the vaccine can prevent you from getting sick through water or food in a foreign country where the disease is prevalent.

The providers at Sanctuary Health Practices will explain which vaccines fit into each category and makes personalized recommendations for your travel.

Generally, you should book a travel medicine appointment a minimum of a month ahead of your planned travel outside the country. It takes the vaccines around 4-6 weeks to start working, so it’s important to have some immunity already built up before exposing yourself to potential illnesses.

For travel medicine consultations, it’s important to work with a provider who’s willing to customize your care. The providers at Sanctuary Health Practices are here for you and all your travel medicine needs, so call the office or click the online scheduling tool to book your appointment.

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